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And they’re up!

Here are the YouTube Beauty Guru’s I get all my inspiration and suggestions from! I added a little description so that maybe you can get an idea of what they are all about! 

I posted them under my FAVES tab! With my current layout i can’t really add anymore links, so that is what they are under!

Also i want to tell you that i do follow A LOT more makeup and beauty people, however i feel that these are the most consistent when it comes to uploading. And they are in HD

There are also some that i just can’t stand the way they act or  the way they talk and it gets annoying after a while.. Or the people that are wayyy too boring! 

So here are the ones I have watched majority of their videos because i love them ! <3

Sephora Their actual channel

MakeupbyTiffanyD beauty

Gossmakeupartist  Everything makeup

Allisonvlogs beauty

Missglamorazzi  beauty and fashion

DulceCandy beauty and fashion

NicoleGuerriero Beauty

Foreveryours0727 Beauty

Pixiwoo Makeup

Fromheadtotoe Beauty

Aprilathena7 Beauty & DIY

Queenofblending Makeup (more difficult)

Farahdhukai Makeup and organic remedies

CharismaStar makeup (more animated)

Kawaiinails nails

*beauty= makeup, hair, skincare, sometimes nails

Im gonna leave this post open for replys so that i can get your feedback as well as those who you guys really really love! who knows maybe i just might add them to the list! :)


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