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fabulous-makeups: Out of the Naked 1,2, and 3 which one would you recommend in being the best? 

I woulds suggest 1 or 2! But it honestly depends on what you are going for. If you like warm tones and browns, i would suggest 1 or 2. However, the Naked 3 is better if you like more pink tones. If that is what you like to use, then that is a good recommendation. But i really like the Naked 2 since it has the matte black color which is a must have!

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Havent done my makeup in forever! But here it is! 

I used my new Chocolate Bar palette from Too faced! It is absoulty amazing!
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Stylish Eye Makeup by Lauren Conrad: Eye makeup tips from Lauren Conrad’s The Beauty Department http://beautifulangel.dailypix.me/great-tips-for-stylish-eye-makeup
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Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick Swatches


Maybelline Bold Matte Lipsticks Matte 1, Matte 4, Matte 5, Matte 6, Matte 7

Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipsticks from left to right: Matte 1, Matte 4, Matte 5, Matte 6, Matte 7

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I also have Shiseido’s eyelash curler because they are much more flat compared to other brands and fit my asian eyes hahaa :) | IG: xo_elyse

new blush/bronzers I got today <3
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♡ Rosy, Pink, and Pretty ♡

queued - school/sleeping, have a beautiful day gorgeous!
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